The Adventures of the Abbotts

The Adventures of the Abbotts stars Claudia Morgan (who played on The Thin Line) and Les Damon (from The Falcon) as the husband and wife detective team, Jean and Pat Abbott in 1954. In each episode, Jean helps her husband, a well-renowned San Franciscan private eye, to solve yet another mystery. The series is based off the popular detective fiction books by Francis Crane. Although she wrote the books from the 1940s through the 1960s, the series is from the mid-forties.

A Quarter of a Million Dollar Robbery

The Abbotts combine romance and crime in their entertaining program. It always starts with a little quip from Mrs. Abbott, such as “After all, a quarter of a million dollar robbery and a few murders might not bother you, but when your favorite perfume doesn’t put your husband in a romantic mood, Abbots wouldn’t you be furious?” or “After all, it’s difficult to be romantic with your husband with another woman in the room. Especially if the woman has just been murdered.” Or “After all, if a girl wears a dazzling necklace worth a fortune, should it make