Secret Agent K7

These fifteen minute episodes of mystery and espionage from the 1939 broadcasts begin with a prolonged organ intro so the local announcer could get in a couple of commercials for the local furniture store or dairy! Each single episode lasted about 12 and 1/2 minutes, but each “case” is really quite interesting and exciting. Walter Pidgeon Agent K-7 is actually a rather mild-mannered narrator of these stories. He doesn’t sound or seem very heroic or interesting… which would make him all the more effective as a spy! The spy’s best disguise is a perfectly ordinary and uninteresting demeanour.

Perfectly Ordinary and Uninteresting Demeanour

The radio actors who brought these stories of men and women operatives to the radio are as unknown today as most of the real spies of that time. The stories are drawn from the headlines and fears of 1939 (and now?) Here are a few examples. “Suicide Ships,” “Fortified Borders,” “Poisonous Gas,” “Undesirable Aliens,” “Fraudulent Passports,” “Secrets Leaked,” “Government Overthrow,” and “World Crisis.” Sounds like current events. “Exactly the kind of activity that a spy would take advantage of,” to quote agent Z. The fine actor Walter Pigeon plays Agent Z in some of the episodes